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Walt Whitman Bridge Rehabilitation
Central Artery/ Tunnel, Boston,MA
Coleman Bridge Replacement
I-95 Roadway Access to
Philadelphia International Airport
Mon-Fayette Expressway
I-25 Design/ Build
ADOT General Consultant
Toronto Airport Access

I-25 Northern Corridor Improvements
Denver, Colorado

You’re looking at a 2.5-mile stretch of lanes for buses and high-occupancy vehicles. But this isn’t just any highway project—it’s one of ours. That interchange in the background is one of many we have designed and built. The Colorado Department of Transportation commissioned us to manage and coordinate the Bus/High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) project at the North I-25 Corridor between 20th Street (in downtown Denver) and 70th Avenue. We completed the $500 million job in 1997, to the delight of Denver motorists.

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