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We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.


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Generating Results with Google AdWords

July 6, 2017

Many businesses using Google AdWords have found that it is one of the most effective digital marketing methods to bring in potential new customers. Just the sheer numbers of people searching for products and services on Google makes it worth a very close look at how it can work to improve your business.

While AdWords can be one of the most effective online advertising methods out there, it does present a major learning curve for some business owners. Using it to its full potential can be time consuming and can often require owners, marketers, and other experts to learn new internet marketing strategies.

If you have thought about what Google AdWords can do for your business and are on the fence about giving it a try, or if you are using it but not seeing the return you had hoped, here are several ways to use this digital marketing platform to greatly improve your inbound leads – and ultimately give your business the sales boost it needs.

Leads Targeted to Your Market

Generating and converting leads into customers is the primary way to increase your profits, but generating leads isn’t as easy as it sounds. When set up properly, AdWords, backed by Google Analytics, can be a strong support in lead generation.

AdWords helps you narrow your focus down to a small slice of customers who are more likely to make a purchase. Instead of pushing your ad out to everyone, you can target buyers in specific locations and times and even marry them with a number of demographics.

The more specific you are, the more cost-effective your ads will be. While starting an ad campaign isn’t hard, it can be confusing because of the depth of its capacity. That’s why many turn to a professional full service internet marketing company to set up their advertising strategy.

Combine this with Google’s reach through websites owned by Google (such as the YouTube) along with websites where Google ads appear, your presence on AdWords can be more than market focused but far reaching.

Flexible and Customizable Advertising

AdWords gives you a large amount of custom options and flexibility when creating your ads. For example, you can use tools to suggest specific keywords that have high history of searches or set your program to target searches during certain parts of the day.

You can run a number of different ads within a campaign at no extra cost. If one is performing better than another, or not working as well as you’d like, you can change it anytime in your campaign.

Creating ads that offer targeted messages or specials to different groups is recommended. And, always take a look at refreshing ads after a few months.

Complete Control of Your Budget

Some online advertising and SEO services don’t allow you to set smaller budgets or change your campaign on the fly. AdWords however, allows you to set a maximum spending per day and enables you to adjust it at any time. When you hit that cap, your ad stops running and when needed, you can pause or turn off your campaign entirely.

AdWords is also completely free to launch. Because it is a pay-per-click program, as opposed to pay-per impression on other ad platforms, you pay only when a prospective buyer clicks on one of your ads to go to your website landing page or wherever you deem most important.

A Boost on Mobile Platforms

When you create an ad in AdWords, it will appear at the top of the search results on Google. Once a matching query is entered, your bid becomes competitive with other advertisers.

On desktops and devices with larger screens, paid ads and other organic search listings will be easily displayed to the user. On mobile devices, these other organic search results are often not visible until the user scrolls. This means your ad is displayed without any other competition appearing on screen beneath it.

A number of users will tap on the first result and may not scroll through the three or four ads to get to an organic result. This gives your ad a better chance of getting good results from searches on mobile devices, which is especially beneficial if your buyers are heavy mobile users.

For some businesses, the Click-to-Call feature may also be very helpful. When a mobile user clicks on this feature, they can immediately call your business without manually entering the phone number.

You do pay a small amount when a call is initiated—it’s treated the same as someone clicking on your ad, but this direct approach can be very effective for businesses with physical locations or employees ready to take calls.

Fast Results

Results are available instantly in both your AdWords dashboard and within your Google Analytics installed on your website pages. From the average cost per click of each ad, to how quickly a buyer leaves your website, a wealth of information is available to refine your campaign.

To get a clearer picture of where you are getting the best results, and to know where to refine your campaign, check your statistics early and often. Very quickly, you may see clear patterns of success in certain ads or keywords, giving you the opportunity to better focus your campaign.

Refine Your Campaign Often

A “set it and forget it “or “check it now and then” approach is a recipe for disappointing results. There is great value in regularly looking at your statistics and refining your ad parameters accordingly to see what best suits your business.

Whether the results of your campaign are strong or weak at first, continually testing and tracking your campaigns will help to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

Raise the budgets on high performing ads, lower the slower ones, try different wording on ads with mediocre performance, and experiment with time and location. Your ongoing efforts can pay off in more leads, better quality and lower costs over time.

Closing the Loop

Refining your campaign takes time, but when everything is running like clockwork, the ROI will be clear and the results rewarding.

When you are comfortable with the performance of your campaign, you may be ready to take it to a higher level. Adding conversion goals along with more sophisticated levels of tracking can give you ultimate control with more data that “closes the loop” on your advertising.

A closed loop means that you can tie your leads and customers back to the marketing initiative that created them. In the case of AdWords, with the right tools in place, you can know the exact keyword your buyer searched or which ad they clicked on.

Bringing an actual buyer full circle to exactly the ad they clicked on (and you paid for) gives you complete control of your advertising strategy as well as your spending. More so, you obtain invaluable information about your buyers’ habits that can be used to refine the performance of your website and even better, for future product and business planning.

If this level of expertise (or availability of time) is not possible with in-house personnel, partnering with an internet marketing firm that implements closed loop tactics is the next logical step. If you are regularly spending thousands of dollars on AdWords or other advertising, having the data that “closes the loop” can ensure maximum performance of your advertising – and save significantly.

Ready to Get Started?

These are just a few of the ways that Google AdWords can give your business the boost it needs.

If you have used AdWords and are not sure if you are getting the quality leads you expect, or if you’ve never used AdWords and may not be sure where to start, that’s where the experts at Rhoads Creative can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with creating an AdWords campaign that can drive quality traffic to your website and ultimately lead you to more sales.