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Beautiful on the outside. Brilliant on the inside.

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We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.

We bring order to Marketing chaos.


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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Social Media Marketing

March 23, 2017

Every business knows the importance of marketing. With so many new choices, digital platforms, and social media sites out there, how can you get a handle on what you can and cannot use?

Online marketing is a delicate balance of art and science. Many small business owners are turning to a full service internet marketing company to help them navigate the process. If you are managing your posting internally, here are some mistakes to avoid:

1. Using all the social media sites.

You know you need to be on LinkedIn and Facebook. Your business should have a Twitter account, right? Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube? Do you need to have an account and be active everywhere to get the benefits of social media?

If you try to be on every site, you will quickly suffer from social media fatigue and none of your content will be helping you succeed. Instead, begin with just two or three sites to concentrate on for your online marketing and grow into others as you see it working

2. Choosing just one method for marketing.

While you don’t need to use every social media site to promote your company, the opposite trap can also be a problem. If you only rely on one method you may be missing out on a target audience.

Putting all your eggs in just one basket is never a good strategy, especially with the speed at which social media sites change their algorithms and terms of use. It’s good to use a mix of social media, blogging, and outreach to optimize your online marketing.

3. Putting too much weight on the wrong numbers.

While page likes and views are important, they aren’t the only things to look out for when approaching social media. When a page has a large number of likes, it doesn’t make it successful in marketing to your target audience.

In many cases, it is better to gauge the engagement of your visitors; what and how often they are sharing and where they are sharing can provide valuable business insight. Cultivating the smaller but loyal and participatory audience will encourage brand loyalty and bring value to your social efforts.

4. Falling into a rut with content.

For a long time, content was considered king. While having good and regular content is essential for building a loyal audience, content for content’s sake is not effective.

Being consistent is important to encourage your followers to check back regularly, but you have to continuously provide content that will engage and inform. To shake things up, considering having staff members contribute blog post and be sure to share content from outside sources.

5. Making unfair and unnecessary comparisons.

An exercise that many businesses go through is to review the social media, web presence, and marketing of competitors in the industry. While this can be a great way to learn new things and improve your offerings, it can also be a way to paralyze yourself moving forward. It’s important to separate yourself from the competition and understand that their tactics may not be as much value to your own marketing strategies. These comparisons can take valuable time away from your own efforts to market yourself appropriately and successfully.

If you are considering a professional marketing company to take your social media marketing to the next level, Contact Rhoads Creative to learn more!